We offer a variety of electronic repair services. From personal computers to audio equipment, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

Simple Flat Rate Computer Repair

This will include all of the labor for the project as well as the initial virtual consultation. 

Physical Consultation: For situations where a local consultation is required, we only charge a $50 travel fee in the rare case we can't find a solution that's right for you.

Pick-up Service: If we come to a solution during our virtual consultation, we offer our pick-up service repair. A quick and easy service, our team will pick up, repair, and return the device in question. This service runs $50.

Quotes: A free quote will be generated to calculate the cost of all materials required for the project after every consultation. 

Software-Level Disaster Recovery

We get it, life happens. Regardless of the cause, we offer software-level data recovery to get your data where it belongs. Safe. Our pricing structure breaks down like this:

Diagnostics: Device diagnostics are always a flat $30 fee regardless of the device's condition.

Data Recovery:  Data Recovery prices start at $150 flat fee for Simple Data Recovery* depending on the level of damage to the hardware.

*Simple Data Recovery does not involve precision storage extraction.

Hi-Fi Audio Repair starting at $75/hr

We offer a range of audio repair services for vintage and modern equipment alike. As "Hi-Fi" hardware repairs can range in complexity we offer the following pricing structure:

In-depth diagnostics  Hardware older than 1970 is $30 flat.

                                         Hardware newer than 1971 is $50 flat.